Mobile Patrol

Round the clock mobile security

Our Service

Our mobile security service provides round the clock mobile security in residential, office and industrial areas.

With such a regular physical presence, unwanted intruders and vandals become aware that they are being watched and their actions monitored by our security patrol.

By signing up to the Protec mobile service you are assured that your property will be visited at different intervals over a 24 hour period, seven days per week.

Our Process

All of our customers property will receive a free no obligation security survey. We will give you practical advice that makes your property a much harder target for thieves and robbers, intent on taking the property you have worked hard for and causing serious upset to your family in the process.

We will patrol the perimeter of your grounds, paying special attention to vulnerable areas and areas where high value items are stored. For example, prestige vehicles or expensive horses. For your piece of mind we will use state of the art technology that allows you to view our patrols live.

Our customers are given a 24 hour emergency number and the guarantee that our highly trained team will respond immediately to an alert. All our staff are SIA licensed.

Whether you’re at home, working away with your family left at home, or away on holiday, our patrols will be keeping a watchful eye on your property. We can manage your mail, your refuse bins, set lights and TV’s to turn on and off.
Before you return we can fill your fridge with food and drink, leave flowers, clean your home or carry out any other personal requests.

  • keeping an eye on your property
  • Take advantage of our free no obligation security survey
  • Special rates for customers who protect their businesses and their homes
  • Regular visits to your home and commercial properties
  • Patrols operate when you are vulnerable – throughout the night!
  • Protec have a dedicated 24 Hour Control Centre
  • We can provide regular updates and reports on our visits

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